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BOOST™ Floor Traction Solutions

Traction enhancing Treatments and Cleaners tested by the Consumer Assurance Testing Lab and proven to be effective. BOOST™ Products are formulated to BOOST the coefficient of friction of any hard walkway surface. Ask about our BOOST™ and BOOST™ MAX Traction Enhancing Treatments.

Scientifically formulated and are proven to increase the DCOF Threshold Value above the 0.42 ANSI A326.3 National Standard

There is a BOOST™ solution for any floor type.

Our Traction Enhancing Treatments

Apply to all types of flooring

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Our Work

The worlds 1st High-Performance Slip Resistant Sealant with Ceramic Nano Particles.

BOOST™ MAX is the perfect coating to significantly increase the lifespan and appearance of already clearly worn floors, offering savings on core maintenance costs, whilst providing fully compliant floors (ANSI A326.3) with a slip resistance of 0.50+ DCOF.

Benefits include:

  • Increased slip resistance (DCOF)
  • Enhanced durability (3-7 years)
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Replaces annual strip and wax
  • Does not yellow or amber over time
  • Increases the lifespan of a floor
  • Protects floor from scratches and wear
  • Has a return on investment in year 2

BOOST™ Assurance Program

Walkway Management Group, Inc. now offers the BOOST Assurance Floor Safety Management Program to assure that your floors never fall below the ANSI A326.3, 0.42 DCOF Threshold Value.

reBOOST™ Slip Resistant Cleaners


Aftermarket cleaning solutions are available to help maintain the value of your BOOST™ and BOOST Plus ™ treatments.